J-50MT-10KHZ Energy Sensor

J-50MT-10KHZ Energy Sensor

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500 µJ - 1J pulse energy sensor, rep. rate up to 10000 pps, metallic coating with 0.19 to 2.1 µm spectral range, 50 mm diameter active area.

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Pyroelectric energy sensor with MaxBlack coating for measuring laser pulses from 500 µJ - 1J at up to 10000 pps.

Key Features:

  • 190 nm to 2.1 µm spectral range
  • 50mm diameter active area
  • 500 µJ - 1J energy range
  • 10000 pps repetition rate operation
  • ISO 17025 accredited
  • 1 Day Ship Item - Eligible for next business day shipping

The J-50MT-10KHZ energy sensor is terminated in a SmartProbe DB25 cable and is directly compatible with LabMax-TOP and LabMax-Pro SSIM meters.

USB-direct (PN 1191447) and RS232-direct (PN 1191433) models are available.

A large heatsink (PN 1123432) is available to extend the energy and repetition rates of EnergyMax sensors by increasing the average power capability.



1 Day Ship
Cable Type
J DB-25
Active Area Diameter
50 mm
Detector Coating
Diffuse Metallic
Energy Range
500 µJ - 1 J
Wavelength Range
190 nm to 2100 nm
Noise Equivalent Energy
<16 µJ
Maximum Average Power (watts)
Maximum Pulse Width (microseconds)
Maximum Energy Density (millijoules per square centimeter)
500 (at 1064 nm, 10 ns)
Calibration Uncertainty (%)(k=2)
Energy Linearity (%)
Calibration Wavelength (nanometers)
Cable Length (meters)