OBIS LX/LS Single Laser Remote with 1 meter cable

OBIS LX/LS Single Laser Remote with 1 meter cable

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OBIS Single Laser Remote with power supply with SDR Laser-to-Remote Cable, 1 meter. Includes USA power cord.

Price $595.00 USD


The OBIS LX/LS Single Laser Remote enables flexible control via USB and serial interface ports with analog and digital modulation inputs for full-feature remote control and power supply. 1 m Laser-to-Remote cable (SDR) included.

  • Offers CDRH compliant safety features such as key switch and interlock
  • Shows four separate status indicators
  • Offers full input and output connections on the back panel
  • Comes complete with brackets to mount to table or to stack controllers
  • Single power supply can be used to operate either the OBIS laser or the OBIS Remote.
  • Optional cables for power and I/O connections.





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