EnergyMax-USB J-25MUV-193 w/o Diffuser Energy Sensor

EnergyMax-USB J-25MUV-193 w/o Diffuser Energy Sensor

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USB-enabled, 90 µJ to 100 mJ pulse energy sensor, rep. rate up to 500 pps, 0.19 to 2.1 µm spectral range, 25mm diameter active area.

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Pyroelectric energy sensor with MaxUV coating for measuring laser pulses from 90 µJ to 100 mJ at up to 500 pps. Direct USB interface.

 Key Features:

  • 19 to 2.1 µm nm spectral range
  • 25 mm active area diameter
  • 90 µJ to 100 mJ energy range
  • 500 pps repetition rate operation
  • Direct USB interface
  • ISO 17025 accredited

This J-25MUV-248 energy sensor incorporates the MaxUV coating and is optimized for use with ArF lasers operating at 193 nm and KrF lasers at 248 nm. This sensor is directly calibrated at 193 nm and includes spectral compensation from 0.19 to 2.1 µm.

The EnergyMax-USB J-25MUV-193 energy sensor is terminated in a USB cable that interfaces directly to a PC. A DB25 model (PN 1110741) is available.

A large heatsink (PN 1123432) is available to extend the energy and repetition rates of EnergyMax sensors by increasing the average power capability.



Cable Type
Active Area Diameter
25 mm
Detector Coating
Energy Range
90 µJ to 100 mJ
Wavelength Range
190 nm to 2100 nm
Noise Equivalent Energy
<9 µJ
Maximum Pyroelectric Rep. Rate (pulses per second)
Wavelength Range (micrometers)
0.19 to 2.1
Maximum Average Power (watts)
Maximum Pulse Width (microseconds)
Maximum Energy Density (millijoules per square centimeter)
200 (at 193 nm, 10 ns)
Calibration Uncertainty (%)(k=2)
Energy Linearity (%)
Calibration Wavelength (nanometers)
Cable Length (meters)